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Industrial Products


Industrial products are getting commoditized increasingly and OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers are looking ways to create differentiation to remain competitive in market. They want partners to help them with adoption of new technologies, feature addition, modular approach, shorter development windows, and meet localization needs to stay cost competitive.

AXISCADES with its comprehensive portfolio of engineering solutions is well equipped to provide high levels of customer centricity meeting entire product lifecycle development needs. Our team of domain experts has a proven track record in providing solutions in adherence to industrial regulations and meeting product functional requirement at given cost.

Solutions for Industrial Products

AXISCADES has more than a decade experience working across Energy & Utilities, Appliances, Hi-Tech and Plant Engineering. The team has successfully executed and participated in several developmental programs for global OEMs.

AXISCADES has domain competency and vast experience in supporting the product development activities starting from concept design to manufacturing support phase including PLM and Engineering customization activities.

Embedded & Electronics Service offerings:

Industrial environments are characterized by disparate field systems of varying vintage with different communication protocols, information content, data structures, and time constraints. The trend of increasing field device intelligence adds an additional layer of big-data complexity.

AXISCADES addresses all aspects of industrial system integration including historian applications, configuration stations, control centers, control systems (SCADA, DCS, PLC, LIMS), alarm management, notification, reports, and enabling a collaborative multiscreen work environment.

Why partner with AXISCADES?

AXISCADES partners with the OEM’s in designing intelligent products through innovation and re-engineering to offset rising customer demand and competitive marketplace. Our ability to provide reliable and robust product design helps to create product differentiation and improve cost margins for OEMs. The domain experts help to engineer next gen product conforming application and industry regulation.

Case Studies

  • Design and validation of entire lubrication system for a new product line of large US based off highway manufacturer.
  • Design & development of Grate bar for leading specialized steel manufacturer to ease the assembly and dependence on foreign OEM.
  • Advance analysis for assembling/landing of massive Engine Assembly into the Truck Frame.
  • ROPS analysis for CAB.