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Heavy Engineering


On one hand growing economies of India and China are driving the market for construction, mining, agricultural and material handling equipment the other hand developed economies are looking for functionally superior products making OEMs and Tier suppliers task difficult in striking balance between cost and features.

The market is looking for product innovation, product localization, reduced emission to meet stringent laws to offset higher import cost, shortening lead time and design cycle.

AXISCADES with it’s over two decades of experience and expertise across product lifecycle and product line is a preferred partner to engineer the right products for various market requirements.

Solutions for Heavy Engineering Industry

AXISCADES has vast experience on new product development, product continual improvement and product sustenance programs. The wide portfolio of solutions from concept evaluation phase through manufacturing support till testing and commissioning positions us as a preferred engineering partner.

Our deep domain expertise in construction, agricultural, mining, material handling equipment’s has enabled us to understand the major challenges of the industry and how to address them. The System and Sub-System level experience across engine components, Powertrain, CAB engineering, hydraulic and electrical control systems has led into creation of Engineering Center of Excellence for Structures, Lube system, Hydraulic / Electrical, Manufacturing Engineering, Advance Engineering Analysis.

Why partner with AXISCADES?

AXISCADES is a leading product engineering global partner with deep domain expertise which can provide the upstream capability, product realization, design automation and integration of acquired product line to OEMs prime product line. It has developed the requisite ecosystem of partners to deliver turnkey projects to enable customers act as final integrators and support them with flexibility, manage peaks and valley to improve the margins and mitigate the risk. The certifications coupled with center of excellence positions AXISCADES as the innovation and design partner for global product development programs.

Heavy Engineering Case Studies

  • Design and validation of entire lubrication system for a new product line of large US based off highway manufacturer.
  • Design & development of Grate bar for leading specialized steel manufacturer to ease the assembly and dependence on foreign OEM.
  • Advance analysis for assembling/landing of massive Engine Assembly into the Truck Frame.
  • ROPS analysis for CAB.